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Wealth Management Planning

All too often, when individuals think about developing a financial plan they only think about creating an investment portfolio. That is a mistake. Building, managing and preserving wealth requires a comprehensive look at a wide range of factors. Relying solely on an investment portfolio to develop a wealth strategy for the long-term is like attempting to drive a car that has only one wheel. You will unlikely arrive at your desired destination.

At Hanover Financial Group, we believe that developing an effective wealth management strategy requires an in-depth understanding of thirteen key wealth management issues. While each of the items may not be relevant to every client, they do represent the breadth of concerns that need to be considered when designing an effective wealth management program.


Creating an effective wealth management strategy requires one to think about what they want to do with their life, not just what they want to do with their money. A comprehensive wealth management plan will help you manage current and future cash flow, plan for career changes and/or retirement, maximize your investments, minimize taxation and leave a legacy that reflects your personality and values.

As your advisor, our goal is to help you successfully manage the voyage ahead and develop a suitable plan that will help enable you to generate optimal outcomes. Call for your free consultation today. 802-253- 0160.