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Women in Transition

Proactively Managing Change to Help Achieve Optimal Outcomes

Change can come in many forms: newly married, career move, new baby, divorce, inheritance, downsizing, relocation, convalescent care or death of a loved one. Such events are often filled with emotions – such as excitement, fear, loneliness, anger, and joy. Often these emotions can cloud the thinking process and cause individuals to make rash decisions: decisions not best for the long term. Working with a professional that understands the responsibilities, challenges, questions and opportunities that arise with such changes will help you ensure optimal outcomes. 

Woman going through a divorce face a unique set of challenges that are best addressed when working with a Certified Divorce Financial Planners (CDFA) who possesses the knowledge required to effectively manage the financial complexities inherent with divorce. CDFAs are trained to work as a consultative, supportive partner and collaborate with accountants and attorneys to address issues such as distribution of martial assets and liabilities, alimony obligations, tax implications, health and life insurance decisions and estate planning choices. Only by looking at these issues in unison and applying wealth management strategies can intelligent decisions be made.