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Legacy/Estate Planning

Maximizing after-tax benefits for your heirs and other beneficiaries is best planned in advance. There are various solutions that can be implemented based on how you would like to handle the distribution of your estate – either outright or through a trust that allows the decedent to maintain some level of control and minimize estate taxes. Through effective planning we aim to help you minimize tax impact as much as possible, and transfer as much of your net-worth to your chosen family/descendents or the selected charity. We help you identify suitable methods for distributing your assets and discuss distribution models such as outright, strings attached, incentives, spend thrifts, and special needs.  

No matter your net worth, it is important to have an estate plan in place. Although estate planning is predicated on incapacitation or death, it doesn’t have to be a morbid topic. In fact, it can actually be life-affirming, because the process will allow you to take a closer look at the people you most care about in life—and help ensure their future happiness. It is time to put in place the plans and documents you need to help ensure optimal outcomes for the future.